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Keela + Blake’s Wedding

Keela and Blake met in 2013 when Keela received the unfortunate phone call that her cousin Robert was in a wreck and totaled his truck. Keela instantly went to Robert’s house to check on him and was informed upon her arrival that Robert’s friend, Blake, was involved in the accident as well. When she checked on Robert, she was met face to face with Blake and was instantly starstruck over him. Naturally, while helping her cousin Robert, Keela and Blake were forced to connect. By the end of the evening, Blake was just as smitten over Keela as she was him. The two became inseparable ever since.

Fast forward 8 years later and Blake decided to pop the question. It was an Easter afternoon, after Keela and Blake had spend the morning going to church and catching up with family, and the pair decided to take a quick trip to the Coast of Mississippi for a relaxing dinner date at the beach. To burn off the dinner they just ate, Keela and Blake set off for a romantic walk on the beach – just the two of them. Blake knew this was his perfect opportunity to ask the question. He set his phone up in the sand and to Keela’s surprise, at the end of the last picture they took, Blake dropped to one knee ad asked her to spend forever with him and without hesitation, Keela said “Yes”.

Shortly after Blake asked the question, the couple began their planning process and the first step was picking a date and venue. Keela and Blake both enjoy spending time together in the great outdoors, hunting, and fishing. They knew they wanted to capture that within their big day. After scheduling some venue tours and juggling different wedding date options, they learned that Sullivan Barn checked off all the boxes for their dream Wedding Venue. In November of 2022 the couple said “I Do” in front of the Barn surrounded by friends and family. With the naturally rustic design the barn has to offer, Keela’s chic color scheme and décor style, and being in the great outdoors, the ceremony space perfectly captured this couples’ style and taste. After the ceremony, the couple spent the rest of the evening dancing under the Mississippi stars with their loved ones. It was truly a magical Wedding Day for these two.  

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